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Combine your TV, Broadband and Phone into one package and get:

  • Free YouView HD box

    500GB Humax box usually £229

  • 7-day Scroll back

    See the programmes you’ve missed from the past 7 days

  • Access 1,000s of hours of on demand content

    Including box sets, TV shows and movies to watch anytime

  • One simple bill

    Payment is simple with one bill for your calls, broadband and TV

  • Pause, rewind and record over 300 hours of TV

    Interrupted during your favourite show? YouView makes it easy to pause and rewind live TV or record so you don’t miss a second

  • HDTV

    10 HD channels included at no extra cost

Plus you get an extra 100GB usage a month, so you can watch 200 hours of catch up TV at no extra cost.

Choose your TV, Broadband and Phone package, or call our team on 01482 602899.

If you already have a KC Broadband and Phone package, starting an new order with TV will cancel your existing contract and begin a new one.

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Download limit

YouView HD Box

Free 500GB YouView HD Box

YouView from KC – live, recorded and catch-up TV

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Monthly line rental included

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Free UK Evening/Weekend calls

(Including 0845, 0870, 197)2

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Free UK 24/7 calls

(Including 0845, 0870, 197)2

No No Yes Yes

Free UK Weekend calls to mobiles3

120 mins 120 mins No No

Free UK Evening & Weekend calls to mobiles3

No No 180 mins 180 mins

Free 118288 Directory Enquiry calls

(On an Evening/Weekend)4

No No Yes Yes

Special offer

SAVE £36.00 First 3 months free plus £20 shopping voucher. £30.99 for the first 3 months.1 SAVE £36.00 First 3 months free plus £20 shopping voucher. £34.99 for the first 3 months.1 SAVE £36.00 First 3 months free plus £20 shopping voucher. £39.99 for the first 3 months.1 SAVE £36.00 First 3 months free plus £20 shopping voucher. £44.99 for the first 3 months.1

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a month

After offer ends £42.99 a month After offer ends £46.99 a month After offer ends £51.99 a month After offer ends £56.99 a month

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YouView from KC

YouView HD Box
  • Free 500GB YouView box
  • Access pay for movies through Sky Store and NOWTV
  • 7 day scrollback
  • Pause, rewind and record live TV
  • 1,000s of hours of on demand content
  • Existing KC customer selecting a new TV package will start a new contract.

£12.00 p/m

£0.00 p/m (First 3 months)

KC Multi Care

  • Free PC tune ups
  • Kaspersky full virus protection for all your devices

from £6.99 p/m

KC Global

Free international fixed line phone calls for one low monthly price to your 50 most popular destinations

£5.00 p/m

Discount 25

Save 25% on national and international calls.

£1.50 p/m

Ex directory

You will not be listed in the phone book

£ Free

KC Favourites

Save up to 25% on calls to your 10 favourite numbers.

£ Free

Wireless router

  • High speed Zyxel AMG 1302 t10-b
  • Existing KC customer selecting a wireless router will start a new contract.

£ Free + £6.49 p&p

Provide paper bills

Online billing is free

£0.50 p/m

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One off

£ (on first bill)

24 month contact

Free with every KC TV, Broadband & Phone package

  • Local help line

    Free local support.

  • City-wide WiFi

    You're more connected than ever with KC.

  • Unlimited local calls

    Free local landline calls 24/7.

  • Free wireless router

    Optimised for best performance.

More free extras

  • Free Message Minder 1571 answer phone service

    Our simple to use voicemail service for your landline. Just dial 1571 from your KC line to listen to your messages.

  • Free Caller Display

    Seeing the number of the caller before you answer for that extra level of security.

  • Free personal webspace

    Use it for hosting your own website.

  • Free mailboxes

    Set up personal email addresses for you and your family.

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What’s so good about YouView?

YouView lets you stay in control of when you watch your favourite shows and gives you access to all the Freeview HD channels, plus lots more.

All your favourite TV channels included

YouView from KC has lots of great free TV channels

You can watch your favourite programmes on over 70 live TV and radio channels.

See more digital channels

Sky Movies to watch any time

  • Sky Movies through the NOWTV app

    Get unlimited access to movies straight to your TV for just £8.99 a month, with no on-going commitment so you can cancel at any time.
  • Watch pay-per-view blockbuster films on Sky Store

    Browse 1000+ movies by genre, new releases, A to Z or most popular and pay per film you watch.
Sky Store NowTV

Scroll back TV

There’re lots of ways to catch up on shows you’ve missed. Watch on demand TV through BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5, Dave, children’s channel Milkshake, Really and Yesterday.

Or you can use Scroll back to simply go through the guide and select programmes, films or shows from the past 7 days. So you can close your laptop and catch up on the TV you missed, through your TV2.

Record, pause, rewind TV

Two of your favourite programmes on at the same time? With a YouView box you can record one show while watching another, or two while you're watching a third from the on demand library or one of your existing recordings.

Phone ringing? Missed a bit? Pause the programme you're watching, or rewind to watch again.

High Definition

Extraordinary TV in HD at no extra cost.

Experience brighter, sharper pictures and sound. On demand and catch up programmes are also available in HD, and if you record something in HD, you can watch it back in HD.

Your install

There's two ways to get your YouView box up-and-running.

Engineer install

One of our TV installers will visit your home at a time to suit you to set up your box, connect it to your broadband and give you a demonstration of YouView working.

Plus you'll get a FREE internal wiring check to make sure you're getting the best internet performance possible. This also includes an extended 2-year warranty on your box, so if you experience any problems, we'll repair or replace it. A £30 one-off installation fee applies.

Self install

SAVE £30 when you install YouView yourself.

Watch how to set up YouView

Download the record app

Now you don't even need to be at home to make sure you don't miss your favourite TV shows.

The YouView App provides a television guide with over 70 digital TV and radio listings for the next seven days with full programme information details and is available for both iOS 6 (and above) and Android 2.3 (and above) compatible devices. It also allows you to record your favourite television programmes onto your YouView set-top box while on the move.

Download for
Download for



What is YouView?


The YouView TV service seamlessly combines the simplicity of free standard and high definition channels with the UK's best catch up services – BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, Demand 5, Milkshake, Dave, Yesterday and Really – all from one easy to use box. You can catch up on your favourite programmes by scrolling back through the TV guide and access a selection of programmes, box sets and films available on demand. Plus you can search, record, rewind and pause live TV, with your remote control

There are lots of other features too, like series record, remote record through the free YouView app and you can even watch HD channels – all included at no extra cost. And best of all, because your box is connected to the internet, YouView will continue to add new features and content, which will update automatically ensuring your box is always up to date.


Apart from Catch Up TV, what other On Demand content is there?


Currently available is:

Milkshake (preschool TV)

Sky's new NOWTV service - with the largest library of up-to-the-minute films on demand, available as a no commitment monthly subscription (payable directly to Sky). Subscribing means you can watch as many films as you want for a monthly fee. To find out more go to

A seven day catch up service for popular entertainment channel Dave is also available on YouView, via either the Dave branded on demand portal or through the YouView seven day scroll back guide.

Hit shows such as Storage Hunters, Red Dwarf X, Red Bull Soapbox 2013, Not Going Out, Russell Howard's Good News, Bush Pilots Frank Skinner's Opinionated and Jo Brand's Big Splash.


What is Scroll back TV?


Scroll back TV means you can go backwards on the menu guide for up to 7 days, so you can watch a programme that you've missed by just clicking on it from within the Guide – no need to search for it on the relevant Catch Up TV service.

7 day scroll back relates to content made available from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and Dave.

Programmes that are available through scroll back are marked with a play icon. If you are trying to access a programme that has only just been broadcast it may take a little while for the programme to be made available.


Which HD channels are included at no extra cost?


YouView is a Freeview+HD box, so provides BBC One HD, BBC Two HD, ITV HD, and Channel 4 HD with the ability to record all Freeview channels plus HD.


How will new channels and apps be added to my box?


Because your YouView box is connected to the internet, YouView will continue to add new features and content, which will update automatically ensuring your box is always up to date.


What do I need to get YouView from KC?


To get YouView from KC there are a few things you’ll need to check. Before your install please check you have:

  • A phone and broadband bundle – YouView gives you access to On Demand content through your TV. This content is streamed from the internet so you’ll need a KC broadband connection. If you don’t already have a phone and broadband bundle, we can easily switch you on to one. Just go to the order page to see how.
  • A working TV aerial that’s long enough to reach the back of the YouView box If you're watching TV today using your TV aerial (not a satellite dish), you should have no problem receiving the YouView channels. The Freeview signal in the Hull and East Yorkshire area was boosted during the Digital Switchover period in August 2011, and Freeview reception is generally good in our area. Most households in the area are served by the Belmont transmitter. Reception may be affected by the actual condition of your aerial and aerial cabling. In some cases, an aerial upgrade may be required to ensure the best TV and radio reception. For help with your aerial, speak to a TV aerial installer, like Holderness Satellites based in Hull. A new aerial, should cost around £50 to £80 to install.
  • An HDMI input socket at the back of your TV. If your TV doesn't have an HDMI socket you'll need a Scart cable, which you can buy from us during your install or from your local electrical retailer.

What broadband speed do I need for the service, and how can I check my broadband speed?


The higher your broadband speed, the better your TV Internet service will work. Slower broadband speeds could mean that whilst you will still be able to use some of the features, some features may not work at all, or may work better over a faster broadband connection.

Standard Definition (SD) Internet content needs a minimum of 3Mbps; High Definition (HD) content needs 5Mbps. You can check your broadband speed here:


About your YouView from KC install


During your install, our engineer will deliver your YouView box and check your broadband wiring to ensure you’ll get the best viewing experience, set up YouView and demonstrate it working.

If you don't want wires showing from your YouView box and router or if your router is in a different room to your TV, our engineer can use Powerline adapters instead of wiring. These send a signal along your existing electrical connections within your home. You can buy KC-recommended Powerline adapters from us during your home install starting at £32.99 or from your local electrical retailer. You’ll need AV or AV2 compatible Powerline adapeters. You’ll also need a spare working power socket for the YouView box, plus a spare working socket near your YouView box and another near your router if you decide to go with the Powerline option.


What TV content will use my broadband allowance and count towards my monthly usage limit?


Every time you watch a programme or film on any of the Players you will be streaming content from the internet. This means that when you access the Players or watch a programme or film using YouView’s Scroll back feature, you will be using your monthly usage allowance. When you add TV, we give you an extra 100GB of usage each month so you will have around 200 hours of standard definition viewing each month as well as well as your normal monthly usage allowance that you get with your phone and broadband bundle.


How will I keep track of my usage?


We want you to enjoy YouView from KC without having to worry about going over your monthly broadband usage allowance. This is why we've included a whopping 100GB extra usage which equals around 200 hours of standard definition viewing. To help you keep track, the BBC calculates usage for a typical one hour programme as follows via a set top box:

  • Standard quality streaming (800Kbps) = 320-340MB
  • High quality streaming (1500Kbps) = 600-640MB
  • High definition streaming (2800Kbps) = 1.1-1.2GB

Other streaming in your home on any device, will contribute to your overall broadband usage, as follows:

Streaming on a PC or games console:

  • Low bandwidth streaming (480Kbps) = 190-210MB
  • Standard quality streaming (800Kbps) = 320-340MB
  • High quality streaming (1500Kbps) = 600-640MB
  • High definition streaming (2800Kbps) = 1.10-1.20GB

Streaming on a Mobile Device:

  • Mobile streaming (396Kbps) = 160-170MB

If you haven't already registered with KCOnline, then go to where you can see your usage levels. To keep an even closer eye on what you're using each month, once you've registered you can log in and see your usage using your smartphone – you can even click on the Usage Breakdown link to find out more details about your usage type.

We send emails to your Karoo or preferred email address to let you know when you've reached 50, 75, 80, 90 and 100% of your usage. Let us know your preferred email address if you haven't told us already or if you’ve recently changed your email so we can help you keep track of your usage.

If we have the correct mobile number for you, we send a text message if you reach 100% of your usage allowance. Call us to check we have the right mobile number for you on 01482 602899.


Could my On Demand programmes buffer?


When you watch On Demand or catch up programmes, your YouView box downloads some of the programme in advance so that it plays smoothly. Depending on how fast your broadband is, there may be a delay which is called buffering. You experience buffering when you see a spinning icon in the centre of the screen.

If buffering does occur, this is more likely to be at busy times, usually between 8pm and 10pm, or if any other devices like your PC, tablet, laptop or gaming console are connected to the internet at the same time.


How do I find out more or order YouView from KC?


You can go to the How to Order page on this site and fill in your details for a call back from our Customer Service team, at a time to suit you. Or you can call them on 01482 602899 to find out more.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Visit our Help & Support

Legal stuff
All prices and offers subject to availability in your area and include VAT and payment by Direct Debit. Add £1 to the monthly rental price for other payment types and 50p for paper billing. Contract terms and additional usage fees apply. A 13.75p set up charge per call applies to calls made outside your inclusive call allowance and call charges (excluding VAT) are subject to rounding to the next whole penny. VAT is applied after rounding. You need to live within the area of our network to get KC bundles. Broadband speeds are dependent on how far you live from the exchange and the wiring within your home. We’ll provide you with a typical speed for your postcode area or you can check your postcode speed below. 24 month contract applies.

  1. 3 months free offer applicable to all new TV customers until offer ends 24 December 2014. Vouchers limited to the first 400 new TV customers ordering YouView before this date only. 24 month contract applies. Save £30 when you choose to install YouView yourself. If you’d prefer an engineer to install YouView, a £30 set-up fee will apply. £12 a month on top of the cost of a KC broadband and phone package after offer ends.
  2. Local calls to geographic landline numbers only. Inclusive national calls to 01, 02 and 03 UK landline numbers. 0845, 0870, 197 local directory enquiry calls and 118288 national directory enquiry calls subject to our Fair Usage Policy.
  3. Inclusive mobile minutes applicable to calls made from your KC landline to UK mobiles within the time bands of your chosen phone plan. These calls are timed to the next whole minute.
  4. 118288 national directory enquiry calls are subject to our Fair Usage Policy.
  5. Content made available from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 and Dave. Not all programmes available from past 7 days.

YouView service requires broadband connection. YouView service subject to terms of use and suitable broadband speed, TV aerial and coverage, see for details. YouView and the YouView logo are registered trade marks of YouView TV Ltd and are used under licence.

For full terms and conditions click here.

Request a chat with a member of our customer service team

Fair Usage Policy

0845 and 0870 inclusive calls

Packages that have 0845 and 0870 inclusive calls, have up to 60 minutes duration (excluding calls to identified dial-up internet access numbers) during applicable inclusive times. Redial before 60 minutes to avoid being charged. Fair Usage Policy: 1,000 minutes or 150 calls in a month. If either of these limits is exceeded by the customer, KC reserves the right to charge the standard KC rates for these calls (as shown in the above table) until further notice.

Calls to 197 Directory Enquiries

KC Local & Weekends, KC Local, Evenings & Weekends and KC Anytime include up to 30 calls per month to 197 during applicable inclusive times. After that standard KC pence per call charge applies.

Calls to 118288 national directory enquiries

KC Anytime includes up to 30 calls per month to 118288 national Directory Enquiries service 24/7. After that standard KC pence per call charge applies