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The TV & films you love, when you want it

Choose 3 months free and save £36, then pay just £12 a month
after offer ends1. Plus choose to install YouView yourself and
save an extra £301

  • Free YouView box500GB Humax box usually £229
  • Blockbuster movies through Sky StorePay for the movies you want, when you want them
  • 7-day Scroll backWatch the shows and films you've missed from the past 7 days
  • Pause, rewind and record over 300 hours of TVSo you won't miss a thing
  • 1,000s of hours of on demand contentIncluding box sets, TV shows and movies to watch anytime
  • Freeview channelsOver 70 live TV and radio channels including 5 HD channels at no extra cost
  • One simple bill One bill for your calls, broadband and TV

Plus we’ll give you an extra 100GB usage per month, meaning you can watch 200 hours of catch up TV at no extra cost.

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What’s so good about YouView?

YouView lets you stay in control of when you watch your favourite shows and gives you access to all the Freeview HD channels.

All your favourite TV channels for free

YouView from KC has lots of great free TV channels

You can watch your favourite programmes on over 70 live TV and radio channels.

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Sky Store

Sky Store

YouView from KC customers can access the latest blockbuster movies through the Sky Store app.

  • No subscription fees Just pay for the movies you actually want to see, when you want them.
  • It's hassle free Just sit back and browse 1000+ movies by genre, new releases, A to Z or most popular.
  • Watch trailers before you buy And what’s best, with 48 hours to watch your movie, you won’t be stung with late return fees.
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Scroll back TV

There’re lots of ways to catch up on shows you’ve missed. Watch on demand TV through BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5, Dave, children’s channel Milkshake, Really and Yesterday.

Or you can use Scroll back to simply go through the guide and select programmes, films or shows from the past 7 days. So you can close your laptop and catch up on the TV you missed, through your TV2.

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Record, pause, rewind TV

Two of your favourite programmes on at the same time? With a YouView box you can record one show while watching another, or two while you're watching a third from the on demand library or one of your existing recordings.

Phone ringing? Missed a bit? Pause the programme you're watching, or rewind to watch again.

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High Definition

Extraordinary TV in HD at no extra cost.

Experience brighter, sharper pictures and sound. On demand and catch up programmes are also available in HD, and if you record something in HD, you can watch it back in HD.

Your install

There's two ways to get your YouView box up-and-running.

Engineer install

One of our TV installers will visit your home at a time to suit you to set up your box, connect it to your broadband and give you a demonstration.

Plus you'll get a FREE internal wiring check to make sure you're getting the best internet performance possible. This also includes an extended 2-year warranty on your box, so if you experience any problems, we'll repair or replace it. A £30 one-off installation fee applies.

Self install

SAVE £30 when you install YouView yourself. Watch how to set up YouView.

Download the record app

Now you don't even need to be at home to make sure you don't miss your favourite TV shows.

The YouView App provides a television guide with over 70 digital TV and radio listings for the next seven days with full programme information details and is available for both iOS 6 (and above) and Android 2.3 (and above) compatible devices. It also allows you to record your favourite television programmes onto your YouView set-top box while on the move.

Download for
Download for

Ready to upgrade? Call us today on 01482 602899 or Get YouView from KC now