Choose from our SIM only or Smartphone tariffs, both available when you add KC Mobile to your phone and broadband bundle.

Tariff Includes

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 1GB data
  • 10GB WiFi allowance with O2
KC Mobile - pay monthly smartphones

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£20p/m as part of a KC Bundle

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  • Standard Sim

    Standard SIM

    A standard SIM fits:

    • Apple iPhone 3GS
    • Samsung Galaxy S II
    • Samsung Galaxy Note
    • USB modems
    • Pocket WiFi modems

    and many more phones

  • Micro Sim

    Micro SIM

    A micro SIM fits:

    • Apple iPhone 4, 4S
    • Apple iPad retina
    • Samsung Galaxy S III, S4, Galaxy Note II
    • HTC One, One X, One SV 8X
    • Nokia N9, Lumia 720/820
    • Sony Xperia S, TX, Z

    and many more phones

  • Nano Sim

    Nano SIM

    A nano SIM fits:

    • Apple iPhone 5, 5C
    • Apple iPad Mini


Select your pay monthly smartphone

£22p/m as part of a KC Bundle

  • Samsung S5360

    Free with monthly contract

    More info
  • Sony Xperia E

    Free with monthly contract

    More info
  • Samsung Galaxy Fame

    Free with monthly contract

    More info

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